Top DWI Education Centers in Houston


Policeman pulling over a motorist on the street.

Policeman pulling over a motorist on the street.

Being charged with a DWI offense can lead an individual to be ordered by the state of Texas to attend Top DWI education programs. The DWI education programs in Houston are ordered by the State to be of a certain length of time after which a DWI offender can reclaim his/her driver’s license. Failure to comply with the State’ s order may result in the revocation of the offender’s driver’s license.

Top DWI Education Centers in Houston

  • The Windham Center

    One of the facilities that offers top DWI education programs in Houston. The Windham Center provides an extensive edification on how intoxicating substances like drugs and alcohol can affect the body system. The negative impacts that these inebriating substances can have while operating a vehicle upon the DWI perpetrator, his/her family and the society are strongly highlighted to all the students. The completion of a twelve-hour course requires four sessions of 3 hours each. The DWI education course costs $100. For convenience, classes are available during morning and evening sessions. It is mandatory for all the course participants to bring their cause numbers and SPN cards at the time of registration where they must be physically present. A certificate will be sent to the licensing agency after both the completion of the course and an exit interview. Moreover, the staffs and teachers of the course assure unbiased treatment of all course participants where each of the participants will be treated with utmost respect and dignity. The classes are conducted in a secure and sanitary location. Also, free car parking is available.

  • A+ Alcohol & Drug Offender Education Center

    Top DWI Education Programs in Houston is offered at ‘ A+ Alcohol & Drug Offender Education Center’ . This education center not only aims to educate the participants of the DWI classes but also attempts to bring into focus the major consequences driving while intoxicated has upon the lives of everyone in the society. Additionally, the individuals attending the classes will be taught to control their addiction and consumption patterns related to the intake of the intoxicating substances. The center attempts to prevent these individuals from repeating DWI offences in the future. The contents covered during the course include road safety issues related to drugs and alcohol, decision-making ability when driving in relation to intoxicating substances, Texas laws and costs of DWI, effects of inebriating substances on the human body as well as driving, chemical dependency and professional sources available for help related to removing dependency on intoxicating substances. Classes are available to be taken in Spanish as well. The cost of the 12-hour DWI education program is $65.

  • The BES Group, Inc.

    A facility that offers top DWI education programs in Houston. A healthy environment is maintained in the classrooms at all times as some of the top Texas certified instructors attempt to educate all the class attendants with full effort. The instructors are frequently trained and updated with the new laws and statistics. The principal objective of this institution is to motivate the class participants to recognize their unlawful action and realize the negative impact it had or may have on society. The participants are motivated to change their harmful habit or behavior of driving while intoxicated so that they may live a secure lifestyle. The main topics communicated within the course are how DWI affects an individual’s driving skills, how one should identify his/her use of inebriating substances as well as driving patterns and how one can prevent a repeat of DWI in the future. 3 classes of 4 hours each are conducted at the cost of $100 per participant.

  • A & A Drug and Alcohol

    Another one of the top facilities which offers DWI education programs in Houston is ‘ A & A Drug and Alcohol’ . The classes within this facility are conducted by 14 highly competent Texas state licensed staffs. The instructors strive to deliver top quality of service so that all the class participants learn from their misjudgments and learn to make wiser positive decisions in the future. The participants must learn to refrain themselves from driving while intoxicated. Classes are offered on various days, at various times and in a range of languages so that participants can fully center their minds at their own convenience on each of the classes throughout all sessions. There are numerous DWI education programs available like DWI offender in possession of alcohol/drug, DWI first offender and many more.

  • Alcohol & Traffic Safety Institute

    A top institution that offers top DWI education programs in Houston. The 12-hour length course costing $100 is available on different days and timings. The course aims enlighten the students with significant facts regarding alcohol and drugs and how they affect the body and an individual’s motor skills. The course aims to inspire each of the class participants to identify their problems so that they do not repeat the DWI offence again in the future. In addition, the students are provided with refreshments at all of the classes.

  • Texas Alcohol Drugs Awareness Program

    A reputed facility that offers top DWI education programs in Houston is ‘ Texas Alcohol Drugs Awareness Program’ . The DWI education programs available here include Texas first DWI offense, Texas DWI alcohol offense and Texas DWI drug offender education program. –Alcohol Awareness Associates is one of the firms that specialize in providing top DWI education programs in Houston for both adults and minors. The classes are conducted in hygienic and spacious luxury private conference rooms. The DWI education programs cater to MIP classes (Alcohol Education Program for Minors) and DWI first offense education classes. Testimonials display the positive impact the classes held by this institute has on its participants. To exemplify, a participant who is a student from New Caney stated, “I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to this class, but Alcohol Awareness Associates made it fun and I learned a lot.”

  • Lone Star Counselling

    A reliable institution for delivering high quality DWI education programs in Houston. DWI first offense education program which is completed over 3 classes of 4-hour duration costs $80. DWI intervention repeat offender education program is available for completion over 16 classes of each 2-hour duration at a price of $225.

  • All About Recovery, Inc.

    Top DWI education programs in Houston are also held at ‘ All About Recovery, Inc.’ . The main motto of this facility is, “Learning to live free of violence and substance abuse”. Apart from teaching important facts related to increasing drug and alcohol awareness, this facility also concentrates on designing a treatment plan for each of the program participants. Some of the DWI education programs offered are Texas first time DWI education program, Texas DWI 32-hour repeat offender program and numerous others.

  • Resource Education Center

    Another facility that offers top education programs in Houston. The main slogan of this facility is, “Changing lives through education”. Intensive education programs are provided here depending on the category of DWI offense. Education program for DWI first offender costs $80, DWI II intervention costs $250 and MIP costs $60. Diverse topics are emphasized in each of the categories of DWI education programs. There are many institutions that offer top DWI education programs in Houston. This is why one must choose a facility that delivers the programs with high quality and effectivity, at a reasonable price and on suitable times that favor himself/herself. A program participant must also ensure that the institution is certified and approved by the State.

Finding Legal Forms Online 101

Finding legal forms online can be frustrating at times. Different states have different rules, and these rules must be adhered to if the form is to have any legal basis in your state. Some forms are simply too generic, designed to cater to all states and localities, but failing to meet the standards necessary in your area. Thus, it is important to keep this in mind while you do your search.

The best practice would be to do your research ahead of time, find out what your state requires for the given legal interest you’re seeking forms for, and compare the information you find to the information contained on the form.

Spending just a few minutes learning about the challenge you intend to tackle can save you hours – and money – down the line. After all, the best decision is a well-informed decision. This goes double for legal matters, as the court may not be particularly sensitive to your plight if you don’t show at least a cursory knowledge on the subject. Worse yet, if you find the wrong information, or information that pertains only to a different state, you risk wasting not only your time but the time of the court. Costs can rack up quickly if you require an attorney to review and renegotiate your particular situation.

Take the time to find trusted sources prepared by practicing lawyers with knowledge of the legal ins-and-outs of your state. It will be cheaper than writing it yourself or going to a lawyer.

Why Choose the LLC?

So you’re an entrepreneur with a rapidly growing business, and you’re wondering where to go from here. Most new or prospective business owners look to partnerships and LLC’s as their primary business entity types.  Forming a Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is the perfect way to help your business flourish because it retains very specific advantages for small businesses not found with other entities.

For example, an LLC is not a separate tax entity according to the Federal Government. This means that your business is not taxed directly, although some states do require such action. Profits are taxed at the individual level, which saves your business money that can be put toward growth and profit-sharing.  Moreover, the set up fees and operating costs of an LLC are much less than other forms of incorporation,  while still enabling you to gain their protections and tax benefits.

It’s easy to see why LLCs are so popular among business large and small alike. With an LLC, you’ll never have to worry about a loss of power through a Board of Directors – your business is yours. It’s easy to dissolve, affords a host of benefits, and allows you to mitigate the risk associated with operating a business. Inexpensive and easy to set up, it’s worth looking into at the very least, and easy to dissolve should you wish to take your business in another direction or your interests shift.

A Divided Court Cannot be Supreme


As the 2016 presidential campaign seems to promise a long, hot summer of personal attacks and Twitter wars between the candidates and their supporters, one of the most critical issues facing the legal field remains unaddressed. The issue goes back to the unexpected death of a Supreme Court justice earlier this year.

This turn of events instantly denied the court of the uneven number of justices that it needs to render a decision. Whenever the Court has nine justices it  has the capacity to render a decision, whether it be 5-4 or 6-3 or even 9-0.  The Court’s decision then becomes the law of the land in all 50 states. However, those days are now gone, and will not return until a ninth justice joins the Court.

Wail Until Next Year

A nomination to the Supreme Court’s vacant seat has been made by the president–as required by the federal Constitution–but has not, and likely will not–be acted upon by the Senate until after the presidential election. The propriety of these events has been hotly debated in many legal forums, but the outcome is not likely to change anytime soon.

What does this mean for our country and its legal system? On a practical level, the Court has lost its ability to be the final arbiter of law in the United States. It can still render decisions on cases where there is a wider split than 5-4, and it has done already. But in the event of a 4-4 split, a simple per curiam (“by the court”) ruling has been issued: “The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided court.” Or to put it another way, a tie goes to the lower court’s rulings on any given matter.

The Elephant of the Circuit Court

In the case of New York, it is one of three states that comprise the Second Circuit, which also includes Vermont and Connecticut. There are 11 regional Circuit Courts, with another one located in Washington, DC. The Appellate Courts for each district review the decisions made at the trial court level, which are also known as the District courts.

With New York being, by far, the most populous state in the Second Circuit, it is reasonable to assume that it would have the largest influence. This is in fact the case, as New York has four Districts (Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western) while Connecticut and Vermont have one District apiece. Additionally, of the 12 justices currently serving on the Appellate Court, eight are from New York, three are from Connecticut, and only one hails from Vermont.

Supreme in Name Only

There are many differences between the various New York District courts, and explaining what those differences are is beyond the scope of this article. It is enough to suggest that, until the U.S. Senate acts to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, the influence of the Second Circuit will grow in the coming months, without any foreseeable threat of its rulings being overturned by the Supreme Court.

The Appellate Court has thus become the de facto supreme court, which is good for New York, but not so good for Vermont and Connecticut.

Although this is a unique moment in American judicial history, the wheels of justice continue to turn. Have a criminal charge in New York? Let Kevin O’Brien and his team offer you a free case consultation anytime; (518) 675-3094

DISCLAIMER: The exclusive purpose of this article is educational and it is not intended as either legal advice or a general solution to any specific legal problem.  Corporate offices for Anelli Xavier are located at 269 W. Jefferson St.; Syracuse, New York 13202; Telephone No.: (315) 473-0899.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  Attorney Advertising.

Driving Under Influence: Teen Drinking

Have you ever pondered over the fact that driving is a huge responsibility? Yes, it is, indeed. Not only you are responsible towards yourself, but also towards the car you are driving and the people on the road.  Sincerely you don’t want to end up damaging the car which you bought after many hardships? Or you don’t want to end up in a jail by injuring or crushing someone under your wheel? The second one is truly terrifying. As a result, the traffic rules in all the countries have laid out simple rules regarding driving- always stay focussed on the road and the second cardinal rule is perhaps the most important- don’t drive while you are intoxicated.

But sadly, people tend to ignore the second rule. They think that they are not that inebriated that they won’t be able to drive. Or may be driving under influence gives them some sort of adrenaline rush. Yes, you are an adult and as per citizen’s law you are in a permissible age to drink; but surely not at the cost of someone else’s life. But, what if you are neither an adult nor have the permission to consume drink and be behind the wheels? Yes, we are talking about the teenagers. Most of the cases of fatalities due to drunken driving reportedly have a teenager in it, who have killed pedestrians or have been the victims of the fatal car crash themselves. As a result, there are reports of death caused due to drunk driving getting a space on the front page of almost all the daily magazines.

One of the most vital points of drunken driving issues that should be pointed out here is that the majority of the perpetrators are the teenagers. Almost all of the accused have been found to be under the influence of marijuana or have been binge drinking. A teenager under the influence of alcohol is absolutely an illegal act and the fact that they have been found to be the main doer turns them into more of a dreaded criminal. The level of the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) has been found to be higher than the normally permissible limits. Although the US road safety laws prohibit driving after consuming alcohol, these teenagers are found to be happily flouting the laws.

If you keep a tab on the occurrences, you will be disappointed to see that the numbers of cases related to drunken driving are on a rise. Resultantly, approximately 4500 people die on the oad due to teenage drunk driving every year. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a new data to show how fatalities caused by drunk driving are rising in percentage every year, where the person behind the wheels is an underage person. Now this is indeed scary. In order to stop them from drinking and driving, almost all the cities organize traffic safety weeks to educate and enlighten people on the negative effects of DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). But without any doubt, we can say that the attempts have ended in vain. There has been in no way a decrease in fatalities.

In order to curb these accidents from happening further, not only the rules need to be stricter, but also, the parents need to be vigilant regarding their teenage son/daughter’s behaviour and recklessness. Only then can we see a positive decrease of the fatalities.

Does a Trademark Registration Ever Expire?

Trademark Registration Expiration

Why Trademark Registration is Important

Trademark registration – From small start-up companies to large corporations, business owners understand the value of a distinguishing mark. The mark will enhance various aspects of the marketing strategy to entice consumers to purchase the products. In many ways, trademarks embody the company’s values, mission and goals.

The trademark may be part of a specific phrase, words pertaining to the business, logo design, character and numerous other identifying marks. By using the US trademark registration, the company’s identifying trademark will be protected. The expiration of the protected trademark usually ends due to failure to monitor the mark or other preventable circumstances.

Trademark Registration Expiration

After completing the US trademark registration procedure, the specialized mark is secure for ten years. Filing a Section 8 Affidavit and a Section 9 Renewal application prior to the tenth year is vital for on-going protection. The documents and fees should be admitted six months in advance of the ten-year deadline to ensure proper renewal.

Delays in renewal may be the result of improper documentation. After the first filing, placing all documentation pertaining to the mark in a secure location or with the company’s attorney is critical. Failure to provide proper documentation of trademark’s official owner will result in cancelation.


The US trademark registration generally allows the trademark to be protected the trademark for ten years. During this timeframe, the mark must be continuously monitored by the owner or representative of the company. Prior to the sixth year of trademark protection, a document for continued use must be filed. Failure to register the Affidavit of Continued Use between the fifth and sixth year will result in cancelation of the trademark protection.


Over the years, the trademark may expire due to abandonment. Changes in marketing strategies or other unforeseeable circumstances from within the organization may result in the trademark’s abandonment. The owner may not need the specific trademark for the current business plan. A company’s closure is another reason for abandonment. When the owner does not take the necessary steps to protect the mark, the trademark will expire.

By understanding all aspects of the US trademark registration, a small business or solo entrepreneur will be able to protect the unique product’s mark for continuous use. As a company owner, contacting a business lawyer to help guide you through the necessary steps of US trademark registration should be a priority.

24 Men and 1 Woman Busted in Houston Prostitution Ring

Houston Prostitution Bust

HOUSTON – Houston police say they charged 25 suspects captured in a month-long prostitution ring on the southeast side.

The bust ran from Nov.19 through Dec. 15, as indicated by the Houston Police Department.

Agents in the Houston Police Department Vice Division, alongside officers from the HPD Southeast Patrol Differential Response Team, led three separate activities close to the 8300 piece of the Gulf Freeway.

Police took Twenty-four men and one woman into custody after asking to purchase sex in return for cash.