4 Ways to Get an Apartment with Bad History

4 Ways to Get an Apartment with Bad History

Apartment hunting is never easy. It’s even harder when you’ve got a broken lease or bad credit in your background. While these things are not always our fault, a prospective landlord might not be able to overlook them. In this day and age, finding a place to live can be very stressful. There’s definitely hope after these issues. Read on to find out what you can do for your second chance apartments.

  1. Be Up Front

Talk to the landlord about the apartment or house before you even go to look at it. This will definitely help curb any problems with heartbreak if you find a great place only to be told you can’t have it. If you’re honest and tell the landlord about your rental and credit history, you may find them sympathetic to your plight. After all, landlords are people too.

  1. Be Prepared

If you live in a large city, be prepared when you arrive at a viewing. Bring along your credit history, rental history, and even a letter of interest in a clear plastic binder. This shows preparation and that you’re serious about the apartment. It can also help the landlord overlook your history, as an empty apartment isn’t making any money.

  1. Move

Unfortunately, the economy isn’t great at the moment, and it’s a renter’s market in a lot of cities. You might have to take the harder road and accept that you’re going to need to move to an area that doesn’t ask for as much when it comes to the requirements of renting. After living in that place for a certain amount of time, you’ll rebuild your credit and your rental history. Then you’ll be able to move back to your preferred area with a better track record than you had when you left.


  1. Find a Second Chance apartment locator

This is always a good idea and could be your saving grace. Second chance apartment locators already have a wide network of apartments in all different types of areas. Contact a locator right away because it will improve your chances of finding the apartment that meets your expectations.


Apartment hunting can be difficult, especially when we’ve had to weather the storms of life. Unfortunately, most landlords now demand a list of requirements as long as your arm, and it’s not always easy to overcome your past. Don’t be discouraged; it is doable, but it will take some hard work and ingenuity. There’s always an answer to most things in life, even if it means having to undergo some discomfort for a while. You may even find that you prefer your new location if you choose to move for a while. Whatever you choose, there’s always an answer.

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