5 Tips to Finding an Apartment after Breaking Your Lease

Life happens. You probably didn’t intend to break your apartment lease, but something came up. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you had to move to a different city because of your job or a family emergency. Whatever the reason you had for your broken lease, it’s important to know that it doesn’t have to keep you out of another apartment forever. It can take a little more digging, but apartments are still available to you if you know what to do. Here are some tips to help you land another apartment and put the past behind you.

1. Be open and honest

Trying to hide your situation probably won’t work. Landlords have many ways to verify your rental history, and chances are your broken lease will show up somewhere. Being honest about your past and your reasons for it gives you the best opportunity to find a landlord willing to take a chance on you.

2. Look for second chance apartments

There are apartments that are designed for renters who have bad credit and/or rental history issues. Many landlords will rent to anyone who doesn’t have an eviction, and breaking a lease is not necessarily the same thing as an eviction. Sometimes an advertisement for an apartment will specify that no evictions and qualifying income are all you need, but in other cases you may have to ask what the criteria are.

3. Look for privately owned apartments

In general, breaking a lease makes it harder to rent an apartment owned by a management company than to rent one owned by a private landlord. Private landlords don’t always do credit and rental history checks, but management companies almost always do.

4. Offer a large deposit

No matter who you are renting from, you might have a greater chance of success if you offer a deposit that is larger than normal to make up for your rental history. For example, you could offer a deposit equal to three months’ rent instead of just one.

5. Offer a cosigner

If you can find a family member or friend with good credit and rental history who is willing to cosign a lease for you, your chances of qualifying for an apartment might be a lot better.

Breaking a lease makes it more challenging to find an apartment. However, it’s not impossible. There are still options out there for you, and with knowing what you can do to boost your chances, it might not be long before you find a place to call home.

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